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These are the 4 best investments for your beard

If you have a beard, you want it to stay beautiful. And yes, you have to do something for that. But what do you actually need for that? Here you can read the 4 best investments for your beard.

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1. Quality beard care products

The best investment for your beard is not to choose the cheapest beard oil and other beard care products, but to go for high-quality products . What should you pay attention to? Check the ingredients: high-quality beard care products do not contain silicones, parabens and sulphates and are made from natural ingredients. This ensures that your beard and underlying skin are well nourished and cared for. And that in turn ensures a beautiful appearance of the beard. Barbaric products meet these quality requirements, so shop with peace of mind.


2.Safety razor

To keep your beard beautiful, trim it regularly. You can do this, among other things, by shaving the contours of the face and neck closely. You can of course use a so-called cartridge razor (the well-known plastic razors in which you click a disposable blade) for this, but if you want a better result, less waste and plastic, invest in a safety razor. These are available in all shapes, sizes and colors. In the safety razor you place a razor-sharp razor blade , with which you can work easily and very precisely.

| Tip: do you find it difficult to shave tight contours on your own? Then use a beard shaping tool: a small but useful investment. |


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3. Beard scissors

In addition to contouring, you'll also want to trim away protruding hairs and split ends. But please don't do that with kitchen or paper scissors. Invest in sharp beard scissors made of high-quality stainless steel. This is better for the beard hairs.

| Did you know that beard scissors of comparable quality to Barbaric often cost more than €100? You can buy it here for the small investment of only €29.99. |


4. Visit a barber

The last tip is not a product, but a service: visit a good barber to have your beard trimmed every now and then. Ask the barber if he has experience with beards, that is of course important. The barber can also give you advice about correcting mistakes (it happens to the best of us, read more about solving mistakes while updating your beard) and, for example, which beard model suits your face best.

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Barbaric baardshampoo 200ml
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