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How do you grow a (great) beard?

Do you want to get rid of your baby face or stubble to a beautiful, full, long beard? We get it. But, how do you actually do that, grow a great beard? We'll get you started with a few (not too difficult) steps. Get your face a gift, grow a beard!


1. Let your beard grow

It's a trifle, but it's really the very first step to a beautiful beard: don't shave it off anymore, don't keep it short anymore. So let your beard grow. Yes, but wasn't the entire question of this blog how to grow your beard? That's right, so this is the first thing you should do, give the beard the chance to grow.

For men who think this is the only step to a beautiful, full, long beard: think again. Growing a great beard takes time, attention and love. The beard growth goes through continuous beard growth phases: the growth phase (mainly in the summer), the resting phase and the shedding phase (in which space is made for new hair).

A new beard can start itching at first. Be a man and don't immediately grab your razor. Keep going, this is completely normal. The beard may also not immediately grow nicely and you will see some thinner spots. Yes, even now you have to persevere, because in a few months those spots will probably no longer be visible.

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Barbaric beard care

2. Touch up your beard & contours

Great that you let your beard grow, but of course you don't want to walk around with an unkempt, wildly growing beard in the meantime. So groom it. But you weren't allowed to shave, were you? Not the whole beard no, but the contours. Use a trimmer or beard scissors to trim the protruding hairs and create a neat line on your cheeks and neck, for example with a beard shaping tool.

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3. Take care of your beard

Your beard and the underlying skin need care to stay healthy. A healthy beard has shine, feels softer and is fuller. You can do beard care in a few short steps (more detailed information can be found in the other blogs):

a. use a nourishing beard oil daily, without silicones;

b. brush your beard daily, so as to exfoliate the beard and the underlying skin;

c. clean your beard daily with lukewarm water and 2 to 3 times a week with a mild beard shampoo (without parabens and sulphates).

In addition, it is important not to touch your beard all the time (resist the temptation), because your hands are full of bacteria and that is not conducive to beard growth. Speaking of promoting beard growth, there are a number of things you can do as an extra boost: eat healthy, exercise enough and drink enough water (a healthy beard simply grows better on a healthy body) and use a beard growth roller & - serum.

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Barbaric beard oil without silicone

4. Style your beard

This is not a must for growing a long beard, but if you have stubborn beard or mustache, if you want to tame things a bit or if it is a humid day, then style your beard with beard balm and/or beard wax .

If you want to straighten your beard (yes, you can), use a beard straightener and you have a different look.

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5. Go to a barber

If your beard has grown a bit longer (nice !), go to a barber with a lot of beard experience now and then. This can help you update the beard, but also find the beard style that suits your face and appearance.


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