Refund policy

Return terms

  • You can request a return until 14 days after receiving the order. It is not possible to return a product after 14 days.
  • If you want to return a product, make a request (within 14 days after receiving it) on
  • When the request is accepted, you can return the product during 7 days. A return that is send after these 7 days will not be accepted.
  • Returns are at your own cost.
  • When the return is received and accepted, we'll refund the money within 14 days.
  • The following terms apply to all returns:
  1. the product is not damaged;
  2. the product is not used;
  3. the product is in the unopened, undamaged, original packaging;
  4. if the product is sealed, the seal is not broken;
  5. if the product is a beard care tool, hair care tool or shaving tool (for example a brush, comb, razor), it can not be returned because it is not hygienic.
  6. if the product is a gift card, it can not be returned.
  • When you return a product that does not meet the terms, the return will not be accepted. We'll charge you to send the product back to you.
  • When your order is delivered at a pick-up point and you don't pick it up on time, they will send it back to us. We'll refund your purchase minus the shipping costs for the return. 
  • When you return a part of your order and the total order amount is no longer eligeble for free shipping without that part, we'll refund your purchase minus shipping costs.