Hoe kun je je baardgroei versnellen?

How can you speed up your beard growth?

How do you accelerate your beard growth in a simple and natural way? There are a number of tricks & tools that contribute to the growth of the beard. Main trick: good beard care. Handy tool: beard roller. Read on quick.


Beard growth stages

What you have to take into account is that your beard grows in phases: growth phase, rest phase, loss phase. The beard therefore does not grow continuously, but loses the 'old' hair and makes room for the new. Just like your skin, which continuously renews itself. This is the case with every man and every beard, but how fast your beard grows and how full it becomes depends, among other things, on your genes and hormones. In general, your beard grows fastest in the summer and then enters the resting and shedding phase.


Tip 1: Good beard care

Is there nothing you can do to make your beard grow faster? Yes: ensure a healthy and clean beard and skin. Clean the skin under your beard (and the beard itself) well, but don't use beard shampoo every day. Do this two to three times a week. You want to prevent the shampoo from washing away your skin's own oils, which form a protective layer for your skin, and drying out your skin every day.

We just mentioned that your skin and beard hairs are constantly renewing, so it is important that you brush your beard daily to remove dead skin cells, dirt and old hair that can clog your pores and pollute your beard.

In addition, you need to feed your beard. You do that with beard oil. A few drops is enough to create a healthy and beautiful beard. Barbaric's beard oil contains a number of ingredients that promote beard growth: almond oil, grapeseed oil and vitamin E.

Beard Growth Kit

Tip 2 : Use beard roller & growth serum

Of course, there are also tools to promote beard growth: a Beard Growth Roller and Beard Growth Serum. This is especially ideal for men who have little beard growth or thinner spots in the beard. The use is simple: roll up and down about 5 times and then from right to left with the roller over the skin, the needles pierce small holes and stimulate the hair follicles. Then lubricate the skin with the growth serum, which accelerates the skin's regenerative capacity and promotes beard growth. And now it's a matter of perseverance: a maximum of twice a week.

Tip 3: Healthy lifestyle

The rest comes from within: take care of a healthy body, drink plenty of water and eat healthy.


| And, one more tip: hang in there! You don't have the perfect beard right away, it needs time to develop and must be well maintained. |

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