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How do you take care of your beard in the summer?

Your beard has to endure a lot in the summer: heat from the sun, sweat, salt water and sand from the beach, chlorinated water and more sun. That requires good care, so that your beard stays beautiful and healthy.


Shave off?

Let's start right away with the most important question: is it better to shave your beard in the summer? No, why would you?! A beard is not extra warm in the summer, it even blocks the sun's rays (and therefore UV and heat) that would otherwise come on your skin.

If you're going for a beardless summer, shave it off before summer starts, otherwise the rest of your face will already have a summer tan and the difference will be quite noticeable.



Those summer factors dry out your beard and the skin underneath and of course you don't want that. Nourish your beard every day - and if it's very hot, more than once - with beard oil. This is not only good for your beard hairs, but also moisturizes the skin under your beard. The oil protects against heat damage and gives your beard a nice shine. Let the oil dry first before you go out in the sun with your beard. Use a beard brush or comb to distribute the oil better.


Barbaric beard summer


The second step is beard balm: with this you model your beard and the Barbaric Beard balm also has a moisturizing effect. And your beard can't have enough hydration in the summer, just like the rest of your body.

Are you comfortable on a sunny island and is the wind blowing hard? Or do you have a stubborn beard? Then you can use a little more hold in the styling: choose beard wax .



At the end of the day it is essential that you clean your beard properly. With a mild beard shampoo you wash all the dirt from your beard and the skin underneath. Do not use the beard shampoo daily, just wash well with water on the other days.

And brush the beard well every day. What does that have to do with cleaning? The bristles, as it were, exfoliate the skin, releasing dirt and dead skin cells. With a good brushing you therefore prevent skin irritation.


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