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Beard oil, beard balm & beard wax: what's what?

Beard oil, beard balm and beard wax, three products that you often see. But what are they actually good for and what is the difference? You read it here.


Beard oil

Beard oil is made from, you guessed it, oils. It is a liquid substance that nourishes and cares for your beard and the skin under your beard. Barbaric's beard oil is based on almond oil, which has an exfoliating effect. The oil makes your beard hair soft and smooth and gives it shine. You cannot style your beard with beard oil, you do that with balm or wax, but the beard does get a healthy shine.

More about beard oil and a short video about its use can be found here .


Beard balm

Beard balm is actually between beard oil and beard wax, because it is both a care and a styling product. It is a so-called leave-in conditioner : you apply the balm for the whole day (and do not rinse it out as you often do with a hair conditioner). In addition to the caring, moisturizing effect, the beard balm has a medium hold. So you can model your beard with it.


Barbaric beard oil, beard balm, beard wax

Beard wax

We hear you thinking: 'but what is beard wax?'. That is the hardest substance of the three, the one with the strongest hold. This will tame stubborn beard and whiskers. Barbaric's beard wax is therefore especially a good product for longer, stiffer beards and mustache styling.



A beautiful beard starts with good care: use beard oil daily. Add beard balm to that for more hydration. Use beard wax for styling. Choose the products that best suit your beard and styling needs.

The three products go well together and complement each other. Did you know that we have also coordinated all scents? We are curious which combinations you make!

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