Barbaric baard essentials

How do you take care of your beard? The basics

A beard does not become beautiful by itself and does not just stay healthy. No, he needs care. You can make that very elaborate, but here you can read the basics for good and fast beard care.



The first step is to clean the beard. Use a shampoo about three times a week, water is sufficient on the other days. Can you use the same shampoo as for your hair? Rather not. Both the structure of the hair and the skin underneath it is different on your head than on your face. A beard shampoo is a bit milder. For example, Barbaric's beard shampoo contains aloe vera, which has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, it moisturizes the skin. Good to know: our beard shampoo does not contain sulfates and parabans.

Barbaric beard essentials


Step 2 of beard care is to nourish the beard. You do that with a few drops of beard oil. Dry your beard before using the oil. Massage the oil into the skin and beard hair and use a comb to distribute the oil even better.

Whether you do this daily or about three times a week depends on your beard and the skin underneath. Read more about using beard oil here . Our beard oil does not contain silicones, so that the nourishing ingredients can better reach the hair and skin.


After your beard care routine, styling follows, with a nourishing beard balm and/or beard wax .

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