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How do you take care of your stubble?

You mainly see long beards here at Barbaric, but we are also there for men with stubble beards. Because yes, you also have to take care of that beard. And of course you have to trim it.


Grooming stubble

The stubble must also be taken care of. And you do that daily, just like the long beard, with beard oil. The beard oil ensures proper nutrition of the beard and the underlying skin and prevents skin irritation; depending on the dryness of your beard hairs and skin, a drop of oil is probably enough. Beard balm moisturizes and makes the hair softer, ideal if your beard hairs feel hard or rough.

A beard brush is also not a superfluous luxury, with which you scrub the skin once or twice a week. This is how you remove dead skin cells and dirt.

And of course your beard also needs to be washed, so use a mild beard shampoo two to three times a week.

Good to know: Barbaric products do not contain silicones, parabens and sulfates. This makes them mild and caring for both the beard hair and the underlying skin, and suitable for men with sensitive skin.

| Tip: this care not only ensures that your beard is beautiful and healthy, but also prevents itching. |

Barbaric beard care products

Trimming stubble

Stubble beards come in different lengths; what you choose depends on what you like. Are you going for a tight 1 millimeter or something longer? You will find out which length suits you by simply experimenting. Once you have found the ideal length, you naturally want to keep it that way. You do that with a trimmer.

  1. Set your trimmer to the desired length and use that setting for your entire beard.
  2. Go with the beard trimmer, against the direction of hair growth, from bottom to top over the beard.
  3. Once you've trimmed the entire beard to one length, it's time to update the shape. To do this, remove the comb from the trimmer or grab your safety razor and remove the hairs in the neck. You do this by moving (with care!) from bottom to top, until you have the desired shape. If you want tight contours on your cheeks, shave away the hairs that stick out there too.

| Tip: use a beard shaping tool to create tight contours and a tight neckline. |

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