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How do you take care of your beard in winter?

Summer is behind us, the season in which your beard grows the fastest. And now you want to keep that beautiful full beard healthy. Winter is coming (or maybe here already, depending on when you read this), but what should you pay attention to this season?


Beard growth stages

You already read it, your beard grows fastest in the summer. What does your beard do in winter? Then it often enters a phase of rest and then loses some old hair to make room for new hair. This cycle continues continuously. This goes without saying, but you help your beard with good care.


Clean your beard

The first step is beard shampoo. Do not wash your beard with a shampoo intended for your hair and certainly not with shower gel or soap. Beard shampoo nourishes and moisturizes your beard hairs and skin under your beard and is milder than other types of shampoo and soap. In addition, it does not contain sulfates and parabens. A fine and gentle cleaning for your beard and underlying skin.

Wash your beard a maximum of 2 to 3 times a week, otherwise it will dry out (more tips? Read all about using beard shampoo here), on the other days you rinse your beard well with lukewarm water and continue to the next step.


Remove dead skin cells

After a good cleaning, it is important to brush your beard hairs. Why? Because your beard and your skin are renewing in the winter months. By brushing your beard, you scrub the old hair and dead skin cells from your beard and skin, as it were. This way you make room for the oil to reach the hair and skin properly in the next step and to do its job optimally.


Barbaric beard grooming beard brush


Avoid dehydration

Yes, beard oil is the next step. This nourishes your beard hairs and the skin under your beard; the oil prevents them from drying out. This dehydration is caused by the cold, but also by the dry air from the heating. It is best to distribute the oil with a beard comb or beard brush. You can read more about using beard oil here .


| Tip: also apply the beard oil in the evening before going to sleep, so that it can absorb all night. Saves you time in the morning too. |


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Barbaric baardshampoo 200ml
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