Barbaric vegan scheerkwast

Shaving brush vegan

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Shaving brush with synthetic bristles, glossy light wooden handle and subtle gold colored edge. Ergonomic design, fits comfortably in the hand. The synthetic bristles are soft and suitable for sensitive skin.

Read here how to use the shaving brush. And if you well maintained , it will last a long time. Store the brush, together with your razor , in this beautiful chrome holder.


Before first use, wash the bristles of the shaving brush with a mild shampoo (such as the Barbaric Beard Shampoo) to remove the disinfectant applied after production.

For making foam:
Dip the shaving brush in a shaving mug with warm water. Squeeze the excess water from the brush and go over the shaving soap or cream. Beat the soap in a foaming container until full and creamy foam. Then apply the foam to your skin with your shaving brush. Dip your brush in the warm water again and rub it over the lather on your skin.

To use ready-to-use foam:
Apply the shaving cream to the skin and use the shaving brush to evenly distribute the foam and loosen the hairs from the skin. This makes shaving easier.

Rinse the brush well after use and store it hanging, with the bristles down.

10.5 cm high, loft (hair length) 55 mm, knot thickness 23 mm.

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