Barbaric beard & hair straightener

What looks can you create with the Beard & Hair Straightener?

The Beard & Hair Straightener is a true multi-styling tool. You can go in any direction with it. And that is the reason to have this product at home and what makes it a perfect and unique gift for every man (with beard or hair of course).


The straight style

With the name of this tool, straightener, you probably already expected it: you can use it to straighten your beard and hair. If you want to go for the straight look, simply combing through the beard or hair with the straightener is not enough. To get the curls out, it is best to work section by section, pulling the section taut and slowly combing the straightener through it in a flowing motion. Repeat this a few times, depending on the structure of your hair and the desired result.


Create length

If you want to make your beard or hair look a little longer, but don't suddenly lose your luscious curls (we understand), then use the tactics above, without pulling the strands completely tight. You also have to repeat the action less often; you can achieve more length quite quickly.

Barbaric beard & hair straightener

Tame the mane

Do you have a wild beard or hair and want to tame that mane? Then the straightener is ideal. Use the tool like a comb, the heat shapes the hair. For example, if the beard's lushness is mainly on the sides (which can make your look appear a bit unkempt), then you should only use the straightener on those parts. Easily fixed.


Create volume

The comb at the top of the straightener is useful for creating volume. You comb it from the bottom up. No, we don't mean that you have to comb from the tip of the hair towards the roots, that would be unpleasant and strange. What should you do? Hold the straightener under the beard and comb the hair upwards. You can do the same with your mustache and hairstyle.


Fixate the look

Once you have achieved the desired result, you want it to stay that way. Fixate the look with beard wax for the beard and mustache and with pomade for the hair.

Good care for beard and hair is essential when you apply heat. Heat can cause damage and you don't want that. It is also important that you do not set the straightener to a warmer temperature than necessary. So always start at the lowest setting and increase it if your hair structure needs it and can handle it.

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