What is the best beard care?

The best beard care consists of products that are good for your beard and the skin under your beard. Barbaric's beard care products are made from natural ingredients and do not contain silicones, parabens and sulphates. Beard care products without concessions.

To keep your beard healthy and beautiful, use a nourishing beard oil without silicones every day, a beard brush that exfoliates your skin and removes dirt from your beard, and a mild beard shampoo without parabens and sulphates a few times a week to wash your beard thoroughly. That's the basics.


How do you style your beard?

It's not just about taking care of your beard, because you also want to look good with a well- styled and neat beard. For styling, use beard balm and/or beard and mustache wax. You also need a beard comb and beard scissors. And if you go one step further - like we do - you can style the hair of your beard with a beard straightener. The beard trend of the moment.


What are the best products to shave your beard?

Shaving your beard is part of keeping it sleek. And maybe you even want to shave it off completely (we would think it's a shame). Then you need good shaving tools. Barbaric is a fan of wet shaving: with a razor and shaving soap. So what is dry shaving, you ask? That's shaving with an electric razor.

So, wet shaving it is. And for that we prefer to use a safety razor, in which you insert blades yourself. Not a plastic thing with ready-made attachments, but a nice heavy razor made of stainless steel. We also recommend a shaving soap, shaving bowl to make the lather and shaving brush. If you want to complete the ritual completely, use a shaving towel.



What do you give a man with a beard?

You will make a man with a beard happy with any high-quality beard care product. For example, give beard oil, beard balm or beard wax as a gift. Also nice: order one of our gift packages, then you immediately have a nice set. A beard straightener, beard scissors and beard brush are also nice accessories to give as a gift.


Why choose Barbaric?

The answer is simple: you order your beard care products from Barbaric because we have high quality products and love for the beard. All Barbaric products are free of parabens, sulfates and silicones. In addition, the beard care products have wonderful scents that can be combined well.

We have supplemented this own brand range with products for the care of your beard, shaving products and hair products from our favorite brands. We have therefore already made a selection for you, so that you do not have to search long.

No concessions

Natural ingredients

Barbaric's products are made from natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. You will not find parabens, sulfates and silicones in our products.

Made in Europe

Barbaric's beard care products are manufactured in Europe and therefore meet a high standard in terms of quality & product safety.