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What do you give a man with a beard as a gift?

You want to give a man with a beard a nice gift. Then what are you looking for? Original gifts that really benefit someone. Give your husband, boyfriend, father, grandfather, brother, whatever barbarian, something different than usual. Go for a nice gift with beard care, beard styling or hair products. Or just for everything.

You make the man with a beard happy with high-quality beard care products and with nice scents. And let that be exactly Barbaric's beard care: the products are free of silicones, parabens and sulphates and all have a wonderful scent. We already wrote a blog about it.

The products are listed at the bottom of this page, so you can put them directly in your basket or click through for more information.


Something small

Sometimes you just want to give something small (or buy yourself), just like that. Every product in our webshop is fun to give and receive. From beard oil to beard shampoo, but don't forget the tools. Consider, for example, a handy beard shaping tool or the matt black beard brush . Or how about a nice colored safety razor, including stand and free blade.


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Up to €50

Essential Kit

In the Essential Kit you will find absolutely essential products for daily beard care: a beard oil, beard brush and beard shampoo. No matter how short or long the beard is, every beard wearer needs these products.

basic kit

The Basic Kit consists of a beard oil, beard balm and beard wax. Ideal for beard care and styling. A nice gift for the man with a beard length that can be styled or a beard or mustache that needs to be tamed a bit.


Barbaric Basic Kit beard care


Travel Kit Light

Does the bearded man in question travel a lot? Then the Travel Kit Light is ideal: a transparent toiletry bag with a bath oil, 100ml version beard shampoo and a beard comb. Can be put directly in the carry-on and on the security belt.

Styling Duo

This duo consists of a beard balm and a beard wax. Both styling products, with a different hold. Ideal for longer or stubborn beards and mustaches.

Beard Oil Kit

You already knew that the beard oil is free of silicones, so that the nutrients from the oil penetrate better to the beard hairs and the skin under the beard. But did you also know that the scents in which the beard oil is available are all tasty, masculine and total? be different? The Beard Oil Kit contains different scents. An ideal gift for the man who likes variety.

The scent Sledge is a rich, woody scent with an exotic oriental touch. Dagger is also woody, but warmer and has a spicy citrus top note. And Arrow, in addition to the warm woody scent, has notes of grapefruit and jasmine, this oriental scent is reminiscent of the salty sea. In addition, there is the odorless beard oil, ideal for sensitive skin or men who do not want a scented oil in addition to their favorite perfume.

Would you rather give a smaller gift? Then go for the Mini Beard Oil Kit. The minis are fun as a try-out, but also handy to take with you on a trip.


Barbaric beard oil set giftBarbaric Mini Beard Oil Kit



€50 - €100

Everything Kit with free beard tool

Yes, everything the bearded man needs in one package: beard oil, beard brush, beard shampoo, beard balm, beard wax and a free beard shaping tool too. If you don't put a very wide smile on his face with this, then we don't know what will. Go for it.

Beard Growth Kit

Do you wish someone a nice full beard, but doesn't it work out that way? Or maybe you want to drop a sneaky hint that he should grow a beard? Then this package is ideal! What's in it? A nice Beard Growth Roller, Beard Growth Serum and a Beard Roller Sanitizer .

Barbaric Beard Growth Kit

Beard & Hair Kit

Does the man in question have a nice hairdo in addition to a beard (or do you want to stimulate it), then this kit is recommended: beard oil, beard shampoo, beard balm, beard wax, hair shampoo & a pomade.

Beard Straightener

The beard straightener is the item of the moment in the beard world. Yes really. You can easily model your beard with it and it will look different than usual. Nice for a change or just for every day. We are a fan and the person you give this gift will be too! The straightener is wireless and therefore convenient to use and easy to carry. And the hair can also be styled with it. It's a multi-tool .


> €100

Ultimate Kit with Free Beard Brush & Beard Shaping Tool

You may have thought it couldn't go one step further than the Everything Kit. But we're just taking it up a notch with this Ultimate Kit. This ultimate package consists of a beard oil, beard shampoo, beard balm, beard wax, beard styler and a free beard brush and beard shaping tool.

Luxury care set beard & mustache in leather cover

You keep nice tools in a nice case, made of brown or black leather. This stylish set contains the tools to maintain beard & mustache: brush, comb and scissors. The set is from the Italian brand Mondial 1908.


Gift cards

Difficult to choose? Got it! But we have a solution for that: give a gift card. A Barbaars Biljet to be exact. We have them in different amounts, with which the receiving barbarian can buy products in our shop.


Assemble yourself

If you're thinking 'nice, all those composite packages, but I can do better': go ahead and make a nice combination of products yourself! Scroll through the shop and fill your basket with your favorites.


Barbaric beard balm


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